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The Digital Afterlife – Do You Want Your Content to Live Forever?

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Your digital life is comprised of many datas, mostly we think of online generated content in the form of social media – but the trail of personal data we leave behind in our daily lives extends much beyond the pages of Facebook. ATM transactions, RFID Badge swipes, and traffic light cameras are only a few examples of the various digital content that concerns our privacy.

An interesting article from a strict legal perspective sheds some light on the precedence set forth by various courts of the United States, both explaining exactly what is classified as our own ‘personal digital content’ – and what rights your family and heirs have to the content that you’ve created online. Check out the article here

Is Immortality Your Facebook Page?

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The personal content we all create on social media sites like facebook is an extension of our own selves. It is a accumulation of various activities, relationships, and experiences we have in our real lives mirrored digitally online. The difference is these electronic records exist into perpetuity – or at least as long as the storage servers – so is that immortality?

So if the indelible memory we will leave for this world is going to be a collection of status updates, tweets, and youtube videos – shouldn’t we take more care in producing this content over our lifetimes? At the very least being able to provide advanced directives on precisely what measures you would like taken with the content associated with yourself assures that the immortal record of you is one that is favorable.

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Active ‘After-Death’ Policies for Social Media Outlets

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Many people wonder exactly what happens to social media accounts when we leave this world.  For any friends or family members that already have lost someone that had active social media accounts, here are some resources for figuring out how to deactivate facebook of a deceased relative & how to remove a linkedIn account of a deceased loved one.

1. Facebook

This is the link to form to fill out if you’ve had a family member or friend pass away and you’d like to deactivate their profile.

Read the Information Here

2. LinkedIn

Deceased Member –

Death Verification –